Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2003

eff you.

Everyone else, listen to this load of poop...

This year marks my fifth year since graduating from high school.  As is tradition, the leaders of my graduating class decided to set a date for our 5-year reunion.  Being the considerate folks that they are (yeah, I'm talking about you, Pretty), the set the date approximately three months out, giving our 112-person graduating class PLENTY of time to clear their calendars and make arrangements.  The reunion was set to take place at Put-In-Bay, a two by four mile island in the sparkling waters of Lake Erie.

"Oh, what fun this will be!  I'm sure everyone is just DYING to get together for our reunion!  Gee whiz, I can't wait!"  I thought naively to myself when I cleared my own calendar and requested a half-day off work.

I then proceeded to book a three-bedroom hotel suite on the island and shot out an email letting EVERYONE know that "I've booked some rooms, who wants in?!" assuming that my fellow classmates would just be FLOCKING to get a spot in my set of rooms.

I'm a total naive moron.

The grand total of people attending my high school reunion:  4

And that's including myself.  Way to go graduating class of 2003.  I'm canceling my friggin' hotel suite first thing tomorrow.


I-66 said...

Watergirl, a five year reunion is ricockulous. After five years, some people are still in undergrad, and people really haven't had much time to change. Ten years is the proper benchmark. Someone needs to whip these planners into shape. I hope you've been keeping your pimp hand strong.

Anonymous said...

Its Pretty. i-66... you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Senior year I got a vote from all 126 people in our graduating class and they said "no 5 year reunion." 4.5 years later, someone STARTED AN F'ING facebook group urging class leadership to have a five year reunion. We tried. Regardless of what the rest of the class of 2003 is doing, I know a handful that will be getting shitcanned at PIB. Cant wait.

Mike Davis said...

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