Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caught Cat Handed

So its been approximately 10,000 years since I posted anything, sorry. Since I changed jobs (back in December of last year), its been exceedingly hard to gather the mental energy to put together a coherent blog entry that I am satisfied with.

I actually have a slew of half written entries saved as email drafts. At my old place of employment, I could comfortably compose and post at work directly onto blogger. At my new job that is not the case, due to the fact that I actually work now, and that work is done on a government monitored computer. I'm forced to draft blog entries masquerading as "emails" that will inevitably never get posted, either because I don't have the time to finish them, or because after reading them a second time through in the evening or over my lunch break, I decide they are crap, and am too ashamed to post something I'm not satisfied with.

Anyways, a small incident this morning prompted me to write something. It actually started as an email to Hurricane, but then I thought "whoa, wait, why not share with my starved blogging fans." (if there are any of you left).

There are three websites I visit all. the. time. Not a day passes when I do not grace the pages of these websites with my presence. Whenever I'm in between tasks, I rifle through these sites, checking for updates. They are: (British tabloid offers a certain uncensored trashy twist on celebrity news) (Harry Potter fansite...yes I'm a huge nerd) (cats, cats, and more cats...and some hilarious captions...and probably the site I visit most often)

After a personal analysis of the websites I visit most often, you can safely say that I'm obviously a huge nerdy creep that likes cats and British smut.

Of course, I am mortified to have shared all this information with you, but its crucial to the story. Also, please do not assume that those are the ONLY websites I visit. I'm a fairly normal, intelligent girl. I do read the regular news websites, among other things.


From where I sit near the end of my cube line, there is only one person that walks by my desk on a regular basis with a clear shot of my computer screen. This gentleman is on a different team than I, so I've never shared more than a passing "hello" with him, let alone my affinity for felines. I can usually hear him coming before he walks by (he carries a pocket full of jangly-ass keys), so I always make sure to Alt+Tab to another window before he gets within eyesight of my computer screen.

Therefore, I was shocked this morning when he stopped at my desk and said "I saw this cartoon this morning in the paper and thought of you" and promptly slapped a cartoon about a cat on my desk. My jaw dropped and he continued walking back to his own cube.

I have never once told this man that I like cats. He must see me staring at pictures of cats all day long whenever he walks by, and thinks I'm a cat loving freak. Obviously I need to reposition the angle of my computer screen.